Use Cases

 Share the right information with the right people!!

Anybody can use Inflo

The system is set up for ANYONE to use it- doctors, grandchildren, and VIPs are using Inflo to discreetly share the right information with the right people.

How it works:

  1. Set up your Inflo profile with as much information as you wish, this is all private
  2. Create SmartViews for each of your different lives and share them appropriately with individuals or SmartGroups, these will be as visible as you want them to be.
  3. That’s it!

Now you can post your configurable Inflo URL in your e-mail signature or FaceBook/LinkedIN/Google+ profile, and you’re good to go!


Never worry about saving other peoples information again!


College Student

Share your latest cell phone number and e-mail address with your friends, parents, and grandparents. They’ll never have to ask you for your contact information again!!


Share contact, on-call, and other practice information discreetly with:

  • Your office staff
  • A nurse in the hospital
  • A patient or their family members
  • A colleague
  • A vendor/sales representative
  • Securely shares his/her cell phone number with parents of the class
  • Confirming the email addresses of the parents of the class.
New Business Contact

It’s 2015, no need to call or text each other so you can have each others’ number! Use Inflo to connect with your contact and have their contact information automagically appear on your devices!


Obtaining the cell phone numbers of the parents of the teams players.


Share your favorite playlist, your REAL Facebook profile, or your secret hiding places.


Conveniently and discreetly share (and unshare) your contact information with prospective mates!

Busy Mom

Share contact information with teachers, babysitters, office colleagues, clients/customers, book club, friends, and countless others

  • Share the list of games you play
  • A convenient place to post the Minecraft server you play on
  • Create a Smart Group of your favorite friends for easy communication
First Responder
  • Discreetly share critical information with your squad or community SmartGroups
  • Setup Smart Groups to keep track of members of different circles you may be involved in

Where to find the spare keys, combination of the lock on the shed, emergency contact information.


Conveniently share the most important things with the most important people.


Share your Advanced Directives, medication list, or name and phone number of your primary care doctor.

Allied Health Workers

Easily share your contact information with a regularly changing team!

Shift worker

Use SmartPages to easily post your work schedule for your friends and family members and Seekability to let them know when you’re available.


Let your favorite clients know if you’re available or not.


Let VIP customers know if you’re available for duty


Discreetly share your contact information with VIP clients, judges, partners, and colleagues- all from the same source!


Carefully share information with your Internal team, External departments, other officials, and the Public

Safe for Kids!

A child can maintain anonymity and share information with only trusted users

The list goes on and on...

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