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Sharing personal information will soon be a thing you used to worry about! Inflo allows you share the right information with the right people. We are crowdsourcing information sharing to make all of our lives a little bit easier!

Things like contact information can be shared in accordance to your preferences and will also sync across all your Connections devices with no effort on their part.

We are pleased to Introduce SmartViews, currently consisting of SmartCards and SmartPages. SmartCards allow other users to see your contact information, SmartPages allow users to share free form information (like a link, photo, or map).


Step 1: Add the information that you want to share with others to your profile

Step 2: Connect with users that you want to share information with, using SmartGroups as needed

Step 3: Create SmartListings using the information you’ve put in your profile and sharing with SmartGroups to ease administration going forward.

Step 4: Throw out your little black book and never worry about sharing contact information again! Put your public URL in your e-mail signature: Public Profile

This application is still under heavy construction, please use form below or e-mail your comments and suggestions to